When talking about the Bible, Jesus is the ultimate figure due to the fact he is God’s son and the carnal being of the Holy Trinity. I’m fascinated to see how Jesus is perceived through a literature lens because again all I’ve know the Bible as is a religious scripture that you base your life around. Within chapters 1 to 8 you can apply to the structure of what makes a hero a hero. The call, the journey, and the transformation. Jesus’ calling is when the Angel says to Joseph, “He shall save his people from their sins.” Secondly, his journey is the fact that Herod ordered the slaying of the infants, putting Jesus’ life in peril. Lastly, Jesus’ transformation is when he gets baptized by John the Baptist and also overcomes temptation. Jesus embodies all the heroic requirements which make him a hero in a literature point of view, which can also contribute to the reason people love him and worship him in real life. I know I used to or still do, who knows…

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