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Oedipus was an amazing book/play to read and really intrigued me due to the Greek tragedy. I found it insane how Oedipus tried running away from the prophecy he faced in respect to his parent’s prophecy. Also, after learning in class “Sophism” we were open more to the fact to understand the concept of humans going against the will of the gods and rationally make their own decisions. Sure, fate vs. free will plays into big effect to us now in the modern age, but viewing the novel form a sophist point of view enhances the novel even more to the reader because you actively see how characters like Oedipus and Jacosta make rational decisions to run away from the prophecies told to them. Also, I feel bad for Oedipus because yes he is our hero that faces this tragedy, but like being a person who has bad luck, I can relate in the aspect of having a major unfortunate circumstance occur to me. I guess that’s why we, humans, are inclined to listen to tragedies because we can relate to them but also ponder on the fact tragedies can happen to us at any given second.

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