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The Creation of Man was much more simple to read yet quite interesting like the Creation. Within this hymn, there is much more certainty about the creation of everything around us and what we see. It tells us that the world was created by a sacrifice which led to the creation of the world. One thing that really calls my attention is how the higher the body part is on the body, the higher the class is. For example, the head became the brahmin while the feet turned into the servants. It was so interesting to see the author use graphic and descriptive language discussing how each body part was ripped apart and created the caste system, animals, and the Earth. This hymn was way more straightforward and insightful about the beliefs during that age.

Week 1 Journal Entry: Rig Veda Creation; p.25

Reading the Creation Hymn at this time in my life, where I myself am questioning religion and God, left me in some sort of comfort. Growing up in a Christian household we were taught to accept that God was our savior and our creator. I was a hard believer at some point. Then, I began to question the existence of God and my whole world began to shift. I felt guilty and terrible for actually questioning and not believing as much anymore. I found comfort in the Creation Hymn because it made me realize that people all throughout time have been questioning their creation and their creator(s). The tone within the Creation Hymn also provides comfort because nonchalantly there are so many questions about the creation and the Creator. This is explicit in the line “only he knows or perhaps he does. not know”, showing the calmness of the questioning. That would be unheard of at church growing up, so seeing this new perspective left me blown away and I’m very excited to read more of Rig Veda.

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