It was interesting to see how the story of Sundiata played out because even though we know he ended up being the greatest kind, the storytelling of the griot made it feel like it was suspenseful. So many interesting questions were raised in my mind while I was reading Sundiata, and I don’t even know where to begin. Well, for starters, when the griot says, “Do not seek what is not to be known.”, encapsulated me. It did so because I remember in IB Math, my friend and I would talk about religion, life, and all the above and my friend, Dileny, said that God doesn’t want us to seek for some knowledge now because we wouldn’t ever understand it. She said that when we died he would tell us and she backed it up with evidence from the Bible and I don’t exactly remember where. It’s interesting to see the connection between this and the Griot’s remarks. Can the truth actually hurt us that much that we should not seek it? I think that we should be able to obtain all the knowledge possible. There’s certainly going to be a lot of risks involving that and there will be moments where ethics come into play but how will we ever know what we don’t know if we don’t push ourselves to those limits. Knowledge is right, a right that we all have, a right that Eve risked it all for. We should go to great lengths to know all the truths, but that’s just me.

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