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Macbeth Acts II and III are quite significant because here we are, witnesses, to Duncan’s murder. It brings about the question of the role of women in this work of literature. We can see Lady’s MacBeth ambition and “greed”, you can say, showing through. However, just because she had the plan to devise a plan that would lead Macbeth to be put on the throne, I don’t think she’s responsible for the execution. Macbeth is partly to blame and he should be held accountable for his actions. He wanted to be king just as much as she wanted him to be king. However, he had a say in the whole situation and decided to follow through with the plan. Also, how are we going to have these double standards for women but not for men? The men are the head of households during this specific time period, so the blame should go on Macbeth for not shutting the whole situation down. In contrast, I believe that Macbeth had no say in the situation with the witches because they’re unnatural/supernatural beings and he really can’t do much to control that. The witches are pretty much playing around with their lives and future, leaving Macbeth to be left in the hands of the witches while trying to figure his own path. Lastly, although Lady Macbeth’s plan is deplorable, I praise her for it. She was doing the most to elevate her and her husband’s status so that they would have a nice life being king and queen. You go, girl!


Macbeth was my favorite book that I read in 10th grade for Humanities and I’m so excited to delve into a deeper conversation and understanding of the book in WHUM101. I vaguely remember the plot but it’s always good to reread a book that you thoroughly enjoyed reading in the past. Reading ACT I brought me back to how much I favored the witches. They were such controversial characters due to the fact they, being women, held powers over men in a particle society. This was a pivotal moment in my education because this book exposed me to women that challenged the submissive woman narrative in an academic environment. Obviously, I’ve read books that contained women that challenged the narrative and the stereotypes they need to follow such like The Hunger Games trilogy. People can interpret the witches as weak and comical, however, you can clearly see that they are the most powerful beings in Macbeth, in my opinion. They have the ability to play around with human life while also playing around with the fate of people, which honestly is quite terrifying.

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