Dante’s Inferno was one of the most difficult books I read in high school, apart from  “The Master and Margarita”. However, it’s one of the most enjoyable in my opinion due to the fact it explores the afterlife. Growing up in a Christian household, I was always exposed to the concept of hell and the afterlife. So being exposed to it in a secular manner was interesting, through literature I was able to see how others interpreted the concept of hell. Even now, as I get older and try to figure out the mess of the life I made for myself, I’m forced to confront my afterlife. Let me further explain, growing up I had always been exposed to God, Jesus, the good, and the evil. However, I took the decision to start this communion with God. But, along the way, I began realizing things that made me question my belief in God and I began to look at the church in a negative light. I was and still am involved in Church activities because I don’t have the heart to just drop everything and say screw you to everyone. It just makes me think, I am being fraudulent. Is it my fault due to the negative experiences I had with church and religion? Is it my fault due to the trauma stuck in my head that plays over and over in my head? Certainly, there are specific cases no? But like that’s questionable seeing how a lot of people were in Dante’s hell because they were born before Christianity. That’s not fair and surely seems imperfect but isn’t God perfect? All I know is that I guess I might be going to Hell in Dante’s interpretation because I’m technically being a fraud. Now for real life, who knows where I’m headed…

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