Growing up Christian I would always be exposed to the Bible, obviously. However, one individual that was always talked about and ingrained in my brain was Abraham. The Pastor’s would always call Abraham, “The Father of Faith”. They preached in admiration about his blind faith in God and His voice. They used him as a tool and make us believe that we should be like Abraham and not question God and be obedient. Looking from a literary perspective the fact that Abraham almost sacrificed his son, Isaac, is insane to think about because a higher being told him so. The pastors would tell us to look at that symbolism and believe in God to that extreme, obviously not sacrifice your children because of a voice in your head. It’s insane to me to look now from an outsiders perspective into the church how they utilize characters and stories in order to move on their agenda/religious enlightenment. Also, reflecting on my own personal experience with faith, it’s saddening that I was not able to follow in the footsteps of Abraham because that was what was expected of me. However, I cannot live my life based on what others want me to believe in and do. I can get to choose what I believe in and live my life the way I want. In conclusion, I’m grateful for this class because it has exposed me to a different way of thinking and that there are multiple ways to live your life based on something else. Although we only have read the Rig Veda and the Bible, I can say I truly enjoy WHUM and the concepts it introduces me to about life, regardless if it is a literature class.

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