During these chapters, we can see Jesus’ journey being a hero of the Bible. He’s literally saving the world because he cures a leper, a paralytic, and a hemorrhaging woman. On top of that, he exorcizes demons and resurrects a dead girl. This adds a supernatural aspect to the Bible making it quite interesting from a literature point of view. Someone who reads literature would applaud it and hower not believe that it happens in reality. In my religious experience, I have not seen someone be brought back to life but I have seen people have demons cast out of them. Having grown up in the church, seeing exorcisms are not scary and almost normal to talk about. However, I wonder about what people, who have no religious context, would think about the exorcisms if they were to see it spontaneously happen before them. Quite frankly, I also want to see what my peers and classmates have to say about the supernatural element within this work of literature. Especially, since we do not have the same experiences they would question what I know and I have seen.

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